Recruitment News

Sales Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for contacting and developing potential customers, visiting and maintaining customer relationships;
  2. Responsible for establishing customer files, management and tracking;
  3. Responsible for handling all kinds of customer inquiries, and make quotations to customers according to customer characteristics and follow-up
  4. Responsible for business details such as price negotiation and contract signing in business cooperation;
  5. Responsible for completing the company’s customized business goals;
  6. Responsible for the tracking of goods and the recovery of payment for the developed cooperative customers;
  7. Responsible for handling customer returns and exchanges.

job requirements:

  1. Full-time junior college degree or above, and related majors in electronics, communication, computer, marketing, etc. are preferred (excellent candidates can relax the academic requirements);
  2. Aged 28 to 35 years old, more than one year of sales work experience is required, with or without experience in the industry, and fresh graduates with excellent conditions can be accepted;
  3. Quick logical thinking, strong communication skills, proactive, cheerful, self-driven, self-management;
  4. Integrity, pragmatism, strong sense of teamwork; good psychological quality and execution;



Basic salary 5000+ higher than industry commission + performance appraisal + bonus “Basic salary 5000 + performance 300-2000 + commission!” Currently on the job for more than one year, the comprehensive annual sales salary is more than 100,000, and it continues to grow, with sales of 150,000-250,000 for more than 2 years



  1. Implement the weekly working system; purchase five insurances and one housing fund;
  2. Professional training for Systematic sales skills and business negotiation skills , One-to-one training and guidance;
  3. lots chances for promotion. If you have outstanding performance, you can apply to lead a team and enjoy team rewards.
  4. Travel at home and abroad more than once a year;


Nice boss, friendly colleagues, higher salary and benefits than peers, 5A-level office environment


Purchasing Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for supplier development and maintenance;
  2. Responsible for business negotiation and formulation of procurement contracts;
  3. Responsible for following up the delivery date of the goods, urging the goods, and checking the delivery quantity;
  4. Understand the market price of the materials in charge, know the market sources of related materials, and reduce procurement costs;
  5. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.


job requirements:

  1. Full-time college degree or above;
  2. English, electronics and other related majors, English level 6 is preferred;
  3. Good communication and coordination skills;
  4. Keen market perception;
  5. Love purchasing.

Working address: 1605, Block A, Zhantao Building, Longhua Minzhi, Shenzhen (Wanzhongcheng Bus Station)

Salary: (basic salary can be negotiated for excellent candidates)

6000 non-responsible basic salary + high commission

Junior procurement engineer annual salary 8-12W

Intermediate Procurement Engineer 12-20W

Senior Procurement Engineer 20W or more


  1. Implement a 5-day, 8-hour work system (no overtime, weekends off);
  2. Enjoy all national holidays and paid annual leave;
  3. Enjoy generous wedding money;
  4. Enjoy a double salary at the low end of the year, and have various bonuses;
  5. Purchase five insurances;
  6. More than 2 domestic and foreign tours a year;

Working hours:

Big and small weeks, no overtime.

9:00-12:00, 13:30-18:00, 7.5 hours a day.


other:Nice boss, friendly colleagues, higher salary and benefits than peers, 5A-level office environment


Company Philosophy On Personnel

Company Philosophy On Personnel​

  1. Paying attention to talents is the development concept of scientific practice. This is the starting point and what we are following, It’s talent strategy of SSIC.
  2. we believe paying attention to personnel means paying attention to the future. To build a ‘Walmart’ of components, We must have a talent team that is at the leading level in the industry.
  3. Cultivating talents means cultivating enterprise development resources and development opportunities.We want to become a home suitable for employees to grow, progress and achieve their careers, build the company into a learning and innovative organization, and provide a reliable talent guarantee for the company to seize development opportunities and achieve sustainable development.
  4. we believe enterprise running is to a talent management. Only by realizing the continuous growth and progress of talents and building a high-quality talent team can we achieve high-quality development.
  5. The achievement of employees is the achievement of the enterprise. The development of company requires the promotion of employee growth. At the same time, the development of the enterprise creates opportunities and platforms for employee growth and helps employees achieve career success.

Talent Cultivation Plan

  1. Build a platform and formulate a scientific human resources policy and evaluation system, establish a standardized job promotion and incentive mechanism, pay attention to the internal needs of employees, so that employees can expect future returns through personal efforts, and better display the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees.
  2. Cultivation and improvement. Focusing on post training, supplemented by various training methods, each post becomes a platform for employees to grow and improve, and continuously improve the level of specialization, professionalization, market-based and internationalization.
  3. Create opportunities. Create an environment of “openness, equality, competition, merit selection, and strict discipline”, which is conducive to the growth of employees and the emergence of talents, and allows outstanding employees with outstanding performance, good work style and good quality to play a role in positions at all levels and display their talents.
  4. People do their best. Establish the concept that everyone can become a talent, give full play to the strengths and advantages of each employee, and realize personal value.

5. Grow together. Southern High Core creates a good environment and conditions for the growth of employees. Employees should also continuously improve their work ability and comprehensive quality, create value for the company, and achieve a win-win situation for company development and personal growth.