Company Profile

South Senior Integrated Circuit (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd is a stock supply and channel development distributor specializing in running World famous brand electronic components. We always serve the vast number of new and old customers with the tenet of “best price value, high quality, and fast service”, and establish a strategic partnership。
SSIC specializes in distributing various active and passive and high-end components, with brands covering TI, ST, NXP, MA/COM, LATTICE, MIMIX, XILINX, ALTERA, AD, INTERSLL, MAXIM, CYPRESS, FREESCALE, products covering FPGA, MCU, SENSOR, MOSFET, POWER, DDR, TVS and other products. rely on strong Large information data processing system, efficient and professional material control management platform and high-quality personnel team, as well as 5,000 manufacturers of electronic product brand supply channels and spot inventory. Committed to creating one-stop, all-round electronic components supply chain supporting solutions for customers。
SSIC has maintained rapid business development, with branches and offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and the United States; established professional logistics service centers in North America, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, which can be quickly and safely to ensure the quality of transportation; and built a corresponding quality inspection system in each link to ensure the quality of products. The business mainly covers communication networks, automotive electronics, industrial control, power electronics, military industry, Internet of Things, and medical industries, serving customers in many fields.
We have established close cooperation with Qualcomm, MediaTek MTK, Samsung, Hynix, Panasonic, Lenovo, Huawei, Foxconn, Flextronics, BYD, CNNC, AVIC, Tianlong Mobile, Mindray, RELX, McQuay, the vast number of scientific research institutes at home and abroad well-known enterprises and institutions We have always taken “duty and kindness” as the company’s cultural concept, and with the vision of being a “professional component value-added service provider”, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for customers, employees, and shareholders. The core is built into a leading world-class component company。
Advantages of US:
1. First-hand supply from overseas and domestic original manufacturers/Distributor .
2. Huawei, ZTE, Flextronics, Foxconn and other well-known OEM factories electronic components inventory materials bidding qualification and Strategic Partnership.
3. Special channels for Sanctioned military industry, unpopular, and shortage of materials to solve emergency and material problems for customers
4. We can provide customers with small batches of new original materials supply, we provide flexible processing methods in terms of payment, billing period etc. Formal VAT invoices can be issued.

Company Structure

One-stop electronic component solution

◆ Resale of excess materials
◆Inventory optimization

◆Timely solutions for emergency components

◆Reduce cost and shorten delivery time

◆the original authorized agent

◆BOM supporting and small batch supply

◆Cooperate with advanced component testing equipment laboratory, 100% original authentic guarantee!

◆One-stop component hybrid distributor preferred by international manufacturers

◆strives to build a electronic components’ supermarket as Wal-mart.

Quality management

Zero Quality Defect Management - Order
1.Check full part number
2.Only order from the Qualified Supplier List
Note----Any qualified supplier must pass:
① Supplier risk rating (size, location, ability to take orders
②Supplier cooperation history rating (past delivery performance: quality, delivery speed, pre-sales and after-sales service, etc.)
Zero defect quality management - receipt and inspection
External Visual Inspection:
1.Packaging Inspection (Outer Box Label, Product Label, Date Code, Quantity)
2.Appearance inspection (appearance integrity, degree of oxidation, whether or not feet have fallen off or reprocessed)
3.Supplier shipment document series (COC, inspection report, lead-free specification)
Zero Quality Defect Management--Receipt and Inspection
Instrumentation test:
1.Comprehensive functional and electrical characteristics tests in ambient temperature environment, including:
• Contact testing
•Power consumption test
•Input leakage test
•Output level test
•Comprehensive dynamic parametric testing
•Comprehensive functional testing
•Analog Signal Parameter Testing
2. If the room temperature test is passed, the high/low temperature performance test can be carried out as needed
3.A certain number of samples were taken for further electronic characterization to ensure their long-term stability.
Zero Quality Defect Management--Warehouse Logistics
Warehouse Logistics:
1."first in, first out" inventory control
2.the most advanced warehouse hardware
(anti-static, dust-free, temperature and humidity control)
3.Abide by ISO9001 management requirements
1.Vacuum packing
2."Electrostatic protection" protection against high temperature and high humidity Transport:
1.Designate a long-term carrier partner
2.Traceability of the shipping process
Zero quality defect management -- zero after-sales service
1、Confirm "Customer Received"
2、Confirm "Passed Customer Quality Inspection"
3、"Customer Return Visit" after use
4、Commitment to "refundable and replacement for quality problems within 30 days"
5、Joint third-party electronic component testing center technical support

※ We promise that the goods provided from original factory, and SSIC requires that all components quality control process be strictly implemented in accordance with IS09001 standard to ensure zero defect quality management.
Zero Quality Defect Management--Test Detection
In order to ensure the zero-defect quality of components, a number of electronic component laboratories with national certification have become strategic partners of SSIC.Through our own laboratory's advanced component testing equipment and professional technical testing personnel, we can fully guarantee that Botron's incoming material testing and quality control are strictly in accordance with IS09001 standards, and 100% original authentic products are confirmed, which is not available in general distributors.

24/5 full-time response.

24 hours without lights out in the office area
Three shifts in the morning, middle and evening efficiently, docking with the global supply of goods from the three major regions of Greater China, Europe and North America, and 24-hour reply from the most competitive prices in the world.