Provide a "one-stop Buy" supply chain service for the entire BOM to solve your purchasing troubles

  1. Reduce complicated inquiry processing links, equip you with professional procurement teams;
  2. The highest rate of complete BOM is 90%, which reduces the cost of inquiry and make it more efficient
  3. All-round operation 24 hours a day, and are you needs will be implemented in a moment


Provide pre-sales and after-sales value-added services, and act as a personal consultant to solve all kinds of difficult problems in your work

  1. Help find technical support documentation datasheets and materials;
  2. Help to find alternatives for all kinds of discontinued and hard-to-find devices;
  3. Provide samples as your needs

Provide a variety of small-batch component supply services to solve your emergency replenishment problems in prototype trial production, new product development, and project order additions

  1. There is almost no order quantity and order amount limit;
  2. Help to achieve the cost control budget in the R&D stage;

3. Assist in the investigation of the market supply of various materials in the follow-up mass production to ensure stable demand.

Provide short supply, discontinued, lesser known component supply services to solve your shortage of materials

  1. More than 1,000 reputable suppliers are in stock at any time, and It’s flexible to order from the original distributor.
  2. The supply channels are all over Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea;

3. Efficient ERP e-commerce platform search for you every corner of the world.

Provide long-term supply and stocking services that reduce the cost of components to solve your worries about the stable supply of common production demand

  1. Feedback IC market dynamics in a timely manner, match with the formulation of production plan forecasts, and achieve zero excess inventory material management in the factory;
  2. Flexible and diverse batch preparation schemes reduce the cost and time of a single transaction;
  3. More than 20 well-known OEM and EMS factories commonly use inventory for flexible resale.

Provide consignment sales and clearance services for remaining electronic material inventory to help you reduce asset losses and recover funds

  1. We have demand from thousands of potential customers, improve the cash flow rate of unfinished materials, and enrich the working capital of enterprises;
  2. Fast, simple and high-ratio solution to remaining inventory pressure;
  3. Reduce inventory management labor costs and storage space, and control the risk of multiple inventory losses.


Source of original manufacturer or distributor supply channel is the priority

Establish the credit rating of overseas spot suppliers

Require suppliers to provide product certification

Ensure stable supply of OEM dull material and excess inventory

Provide professional appearance inspection before entering the warehouse

Provide professional product packaging and labeling

Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

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Automotive Electronics

Measurement and control

electric industry

Consumer electronics

Medical Electronics

communications industry

Industrial control security

Instruments and apparatus

Calculate storage

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integrated circuit
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Passive components


Electromechanical component

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